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BGMI 2.2 Update Latest version

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BGMI 2.2 Update Latest version – Check out the download link of the latest version of BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI has been one of the top BR games in India. However, the title suffered a massive blow when the Government of India ousted the title, citing security reasons (Data migration). Meanwhile, the Global variant of Krafton, PPUBG Mobile introduced its latest version a few days back. The Indian variant, BGMI was also supposed to introduce its brand new update, however, the community was left with the same season for the next two months. In spite of this, gamers are still looking for the latest version Apk.  For future updates on BGMI Unban Date.

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BGMI 2.2 Update Latest version

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Krafton rolled out its 2.2 version in PUBG Mobile on 15 September, incorporating a new map MUSA, and loads of new content to the global audience. However, with the ongoing tussle with GOI, BGMI players are yet to explore the latest features. Meanwhile, Krafton responded, “Dear Battlegrounds Moile India Fans, we have identified an issue where season C3S7, whereas it should be shown C3S8. Please be noted that the new season C3S8 has begun normally, and it’s just a typo. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

BGMI 2.2 Update Latest version
Questions Answers
 Name  BGMI (Battle Grounds Mobile India)
 Version  2.2.0
 File Size  557 MB
 Update  September 2022
BGMI 2.2 Update Latest version

BGMI 2.2 Update Download Link

As players are unable to download the title from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store they are currently looking for the latest apk version of the title. Here’s the latest download link of the BGMI apk.

So, it’s evident that Krafton is covering up this issue. With this remark, gamers are showing their disappointment as they are left to explore the same in-game items for the next two months. Hence, the possibility of unban within the next two months is looking slim. So, players have to wait for quite a while as Krafton is hopeful to re-introduce BGMI very soon. For future updates on BGMI Unban Date,

BGMI 2.2 Features 2022

The Battleground Mobile India 2.2 game is now packed with a better user experience. New features are added making the game more famous among the youth. The features are listed below:

  • Leather boards are added: The leather boards will give you the option to invite and compete with any friend you want to.
  • Street Gear in Shop: The new features will help you buy four different street gears. The gears include Baseballcap Sporty jacket, Tinted Glasses and Sporty Glasses.
  • Weather Effects: The game will now provide different weather effects for you. Such as there will be Snow, Rain and Sunny. The battle will be seen with weather zones of different kinds.
  • Mini Cars: car lovers can now get new speedy cars. The cars have been added from the Street Racing story. The list of cars includes Mini Cooper, Mini Cabriolet, and more. To get the cars you can hire them from Shop of the game. There go to the vehicle section and upgrade existing vehicles with help of Gold coins. As the gold coins will help you unlock them for free.

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