Dwayne Johnson Takes Subtle Jab at James Gunn & Peter Safran Over Henry Cavill's Superman Exit

Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock," recently made headlines for taking a subtle jab at James Gunn and Peter Safran over Henry Cavill's departure as Superman from the DC Extended Universe. However, new reports suggest that the reason for Cavill's exit may have had more to do with the changing ownership of the franchise than any creative differences.

Earlier this week, Johnson took to social media to post a cryptic message that read, "Not my coach, not my quarterback." While he didn't mention any names, many fans speculated that the post was directed at Gunn and Safran, who produced the recent Suicide Squad film, which Johnson was not involved in.

The post led to rumors that Johnson may be taking sides with Cavill, who reportedly left the role of Superman due to creative differences with the DC film franchise. However, a new report from Deadline suggests that the real reason for Cavill's departure may have been related to the changing ownership of DC Films.

Last year, AT&T acquired WarnerMedia, the parent company of DC Films, and with the new ownership came a shift in the studio's priorities. Instead of focusing solely on blockbuster superhero films, the studio is now said to be exploring a wider range of projects, including more character-driven films and TV series.

According to Deadline, Cavill's contract with DC Films had expired, and negotiations for a new contract had been ongoing for months. However, with the ownership change and the studio's new direction, those negotiations reportedly fell apart, and Cavill decided to walk away from the franchise.

It's worth noting that neither Cavill nor DC Films have confirmed or denied the reports of his departure. However, if the rumors are true, it would suggest that Cavill's exit was less about creative differences and more about business decisions.

As for Johnson's cryptic post, it's unclear whether it was related to Cavill's departure or something else entirely. The actor is currently busy promoting his new film, Red Notice, which is set to release on Netflix later this year.

Regardless of the reason for Cavill's departure, fans of the actor and the character of Superman are sure to be disappointed. However, with DC Films looking to explore new directions and new characters, there's no doubt that there will be plenty of exciting projects to look forward to in the coming years.

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