Paytm Account Blocked- 4 Methods to Unblock

Paytm Account Blocked- 4 Methods to Unblock 

Paytm Account Blocked:- Hi User, Very Bad things your Paytm account has blocked or you have lost your money in your Paytm Account and you want to back it but Your Account is temporarily blocked and you lost your money or any important information in your account.


Paytm Account Blocked

After Demonetization Paytm has Gain so much Popularity in India to transfer money from bank to bank or wallet to wallet and now almost everyone has Paytm App in their Smartphones. Due to the High Number Of Installation and Increase in Number of users Paytm have Started to Block Paytm Account, There may be Several issues for Paytm Temporary Blocked for Login issue like you are using Multiple Account on the Same Device or using it in Parallel Space App or any other Issue.

Today we will share with you some simple method to unblock your Paytm Account and get back your important information or you will get your money which is stuck in your Paytm Account. Keep Read this post till the end to know the simple method to unblock your Paytm Account Blocked……………….


Because you use multiple Paytm accounts from the same mobile Devices

Making a daily new account on Paytm using the same mobile or same internet connection.

You do something wrong and someone complains about your wrong thing to Paytm.

Using the Same Debit or Credit Card In Multiple Accounts.

adding or Trying to add money Using Scripts.

Doing some against Paytm terms & Conditions.

Any of the Above Maybe the reason for your account blocking by Paytm. You can Follow Below Steps To Unblock your Paytm Account easily.

In case You don’t have money in the blocked account Or you have not done your Full KYC of Paytm then I’ll recommend you to Create a New Paytm account with different Numbers and email id and after that change your mobile number with your Original Mobile number.


Now here we are back with working the latest method to unblock your account. And I also sure you have locked your account due to double KYC on your Aadhar Number and PAN card. Let me tell you the trick to unlock the Paytm account.

Paytm account has been blocked

  • First of all, Go to the Paytm application.
  • Click on the 24×7 Help section and choose unable to login to your account.
  • Choose Paytm Account Blocked. [If you can not see this option then use Twitter profile to message them]
  • Then write your issue with them.
  • They will reply and tell you issue of why they have blocked your account.
  • If you have 2 accounts on the same KYC details then they will request to close off any of them and after that you can log in your create an account using the same number and can do KYC again and can start to use it.

Method No. 1

  • Follow all steps to unblock your account.
  • You Must know your Registered E-mail ID or Mobile Number.
  • Login To Your Email Account And Compose a Mail.
  • Address it to
  • Subject Should be “Request To Unblock Paytm Account“.
  • Type In the Message if You Probably know the Reason for the same.
  • Provide Email id and Mobile Numer for the account.
  • Attach Any ID Proof For Faster Processor add Aadhar card
  • Done, Send It, Within 2-7 Days You Will Get Reply from them If your Account is unblocked or they required some more information.

Method No. 2

  • First of All Visit
  • Click on My Account
  • Select “Password reset related issue or account blocked”
  • Click on “My account is blocked”
  • Then Message to Paytm.
  • Enter your full concern, Name, E-Mail address, Mobile number.
  • And send to Paytm Care to help to unblock your Account.
  • I suggest to you Add any ID to help Paytm to unblock your Account.
  • And now wait for 1-3 Days to get a response from Paytm.

Method No.3 

  • Call to Paytm Customer Care (24×7): 9643-979797
  • Choose IVR option 2,5,9 which leads in requesting a call back by Paytm executive.
  • You will surely get a callback but not immediately.
  • Inform the executive about your Paytm account details and from when it is blocked.
  • He will finally tell you to mail all the following DOCUMENTS :
  • All the messages or emails which you received to your registered Mobile number or mail ( take a screenshot).
  • Bank transactions (only PAYTM deductions) – take a screenshot.
  • Your account details either passbook or net banking profile (screenshot).
  • Aaadhar Card (image).
  • Pan Card(image).
  • Error Message what you get when you try to log in ( Your account is temporarily blocked for login) SCREENSHOT.

Method No. 4

  • Contact Paytm via Twitter or Facebook Handel and tell them your Paytm account is blocked. Paytm Twitter Account Paytm Facebook Account
  • Send them the screenshot of the error message. ( it takes hours to get a reply to have patience).
  • They will reply to you asking for your KYC details (Adhar card and Pan Card) via message for further assistance.
  • Again wait for Hours to get a reply.
  • Finally, your Paytm Account will be Unblocked.

Don’t Use Multiple Account on the Same Smartphones or Same Internet Connection.

If you have Multiple Accounts then use the Paytm web to use it.

Upgrade Paytm wallet as Upgraded Paytm wallet is less likely to be Blocked.

Add Aadhar Card to Paytm Account. To Add Just Go to Your Profile and you will see an option to upgrade your Paytm Account. Just Click On Upgrade and Enter your Aadhar Number and Follow other Steps.

Add Password to Paytm Wallet. Now you can “use your mobile password or pattern to open Paytm Application” from mobile Make sure that you activated this option before you make transactions.

Change PayTM account password frequently (Change the password for every Month)

Use A trusted antivirus on your android devices & Desktop. Antivirus protects from malware, threats, MITM attacks.

Don’t use Public Wifi.

Always lock your Smartphone.

Don’t use more then 4 times password for login if you have not remembered your Paytm Account Password.

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